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Analysis On China's Rubber Chemicals Industry Market


Rubber additives are a series of fine chemical products added in the process of processing natural rubber or synthetic rubber into rubber products, which are used to give rubber products performance, ensure the service life of rubber products and improve the processing performance of rubber rubber. At present, rubber additives are mainly divided into vulcanization system additives, protective system additives, operating system additives, reinforcing and filling system additives, adhesive system additives and other additives.

The industry chain analysis

1. Industry chain rubber chemicals industry is a branch of the fine chemical industry, its upstream raw materials mainly from the petrochemical industry (aniline, tert-butylamine, cyclohexane, nitrobenzene, etc.), the salt chemical industry (liquid alkali, chlorine, etc.), the coal chemical industry (hydrochloric acid, etc.) and other categories (sulfur, carbon disulfide, etc.). The downstream market of rubber chemicals is mainly the production of various rubber products, including tires, rubber hoses, rubber belts, rubber sheets and rubber soles, among which tires and rubber products for automobiles are the most important application areas.

2. Upstream end analysis

Aniline is the main raw material of rubber auxiliaries, which can be directly used to manufacture rubber accelerator like antioxidant TMQ, antioxidant 6PPD and MBTS accelerator. In recent years, due to the continuous rise of oil prices and the hot MDI market downstream, the price of aniline has increased significantly in recent years, which has affected the development of China's rubber chemicals industry to a certain extent.

3. Downstream end analysis

Tire is the largest downstream application of rubber chemicals, from China's tire production, due to industry overcapacity, the downturn in the automotive market and other factors, 2016-2018 period, China's rubber tire outer tire production continued to decline, with the tire industry production technology upgrade has been the demand for market recovery, 2019 China's rubber tire outer tire production began to pick up. 2021 China's rubber tire outer tire Production is 899.108 million, an increase of 9.9% year-on-year.

The current state of the industry

1. The output of rubber chemicals is an important auxiliary raw material for the rubber industry, which plays an important role in improving the rubber processing process, saving energy and improving product quality, known as the rubber industry, "MSG". With the rapid development of China's rubber chemicals industry in recent years, China has become a global production and supply of large countries. According to information, in 2021, China's rubber chemicals production of 1.37 million tons, an increase of 10.6%.

2. Production structure

From the production structure, in 2021, China's rubber chemicals products, rubber antioxidant production of 414,500 tons, accounting for the total production; accelerator production of 356,700 tons; processing aids production of 292,800 tons; vulcanizing agent and peroxide production of 172,500 tons; special functional additives production of 133,800 tons.

3, sales

From the industry sales situation, thanks to the growth in demand, China's rubber chemicals industry sales grew during 2015-2018. 2019-2020 period, sales declined due to the decline in sales and the impact of factors such as the epidemic. By 2021, China's rubber chemicals sales reached 28.9 billion yuan, an increase of 32%.

4. Output value situation from the industry output value situation, and sales similar to the 2015-2018 period, China's rubber chemicals industry output value gradually increased, 2019-2020 output value has declined. By 2021, China's rubber chemicals output value of 29.5 billion yuan, an increase of 32.9% year-on-year.

5. Enterprise situation

With the continuous development of rubber chemicals in China in recent years, the market continues to expand, the number of enterprises in the industry has grown. According to information, in 2021, China's rubber chemicals industry-related business registration of 5,300, an increase of 47.3%.

6. Export trade

From the point of view of China's rubber chemicals export trade, China's rubber chemicals exports in recent years basically tends to stabilize, the impact of the epidemic in 2020, the export volume and export value fell slightly, with the epidemic was under control, the export volume began to rise. According to information, in 2021, China's rubber chemicals export volume of 375,600 tons, the export value of 9.2 billion yuan.

The focus of product segmentation

1. Antioxidant rubber antioxidant is a kind of rubber production process added to slow down the aging of rubber, prolonging the life of rubber chemicals. 2021, due to the development of China's rubber industry to the good, making China's rubber antioxidant production increased significantly. According to information, in 2021, China's rubber antioxidant production is 415,000 tons, an increase of 13.1%.

2. Promoters

Rubber accelerator refers to rubber vulcanization accelerator. As rubber vulcanization mainly uses sulfur to carry out, but the reaction of sulfur and rubber is very slow, so the vulcanization accelerator came into being. In recent years, China's rubber accelerator production has been growing, and in 2020, affected by the epidemic, production declined, and as the epidemic was controlled, production began to rebound. According to information, in 2021, China's rubber accelerator production of 357,000 tons, an increase of 7.5%.

Competition pattern

At present, China's rubber chemicals industry concentration is low, specifically, in 2020, China's rubber chemicals industry CR10 is 63%, down 1.5% from the previous year; CR20 is 80.4%, down 0.8% from the previous year.

The development trend

In recent years, China's rubber chemicals after nearly a decade of rapid development, despite great achievements, but the industry as a whole is generally small-scale, single product, serious environmental pollution in the production process, toxic and harmful additives varieties are still produced and used in large quantities and many other problems, as China's energy, resources and environmental protection in the additives industry priority is becoming more and more obvious, environmental protection and production safety supervision departments on the production enterprises. The strength and effectiveness of supervision of environmental protection and safety supervision departments on the production of enterprises significantly strengthened, so that the industry to accelerate the clearance of backward production capacity, the main enterprise R & D efforts to significantly increase the product upgrades, toxic and harmful products are gradually replaced to promote China's rubber chemicals industry will continue to high quality, safety, environmental protection, high performance and other directions. In addition, because the market competition is too fierce, the domestic rubber chemicals industry has also begun to continuously improve the added value of products and production technology level, and has achieved encouraging results. From the current production of rubber chemicals, the product has embarked on a green, environmentally friendly, product-rich, intensive road. But this is far from enough for China's rubber chemicals industry, we should always pay attention to the form of the international market on the basis of development, have a global concept, improve brand influence and service consciousness, and thus promote the healthy and sustainable development of China's rubber chemicals industry.

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